How to Become a Successful Farmer

Having a fair knowledge of the product is the first step
to becoming a successful farmer. A crop farmer has a huge variety of choices.
They can grow rice, beans, corn, wheat, cotton, tomatoes and citrus fruits.
Crop farmers should understand weather conditions, soil
pH, water level and type of soil. Other knowledge include specie of crop,
growth and harvest period. More specialized knowledge includes spraying
techniques, pruning, fertilizing and grafting.
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to Consider as a Livestock Farmer
Livestock farmers have different options in animal
husbandry. The farmers need a deep understanding of feed type, body to fat
ratio and medication for the livestock.
Other things to consider are common diseases, habitat and
breed. It is important to develop basic business knowledge, accounting and
record keeping. The farmer should study market trends, market fluctuations,
demand and supply.
•         Deep
understanding of feed type
•         Body to
fat ratio
•         Medication
for the livestock
•         Understand
common diseases
•         Habitat
•         Breed
•         Develop
basic business knowledge
•         Accounting
•         Record
•         Study
market trends
•         Understand
market fluctuations
•         Demand and

to Consider as a Crop Farmer

Things to consider as a crop farmer are crop selection,
crop yield, growth-harvest period. You need to know the type of climate,
weather conditions, winter, and annual rainfall.
Others are soil type, waterlogged or well-grained soil
and nutrient content. More are natural hazards like hailstorms, snow, flood or
Intensive farming requires huge land, mechanized
equipment and regular water supply. The farm land should be accessible with
good roads, electricity. It is also very important to study the host community
before establishing the business.
•         Crop
•         Crop yield
•         Growth-harvest
•         Type of
•         Weather
•         Annual
•         Soil type
•         Waterlogged
or well-grained soil
•         Soil
nutrient content
•         Natural
•         Size of
•         Mechanized
•         Regular
water supply
•         Accessible
•         Electricity
•         Study the
host community
The type of farming will determine the geographical
location and type of farm. Things to consider are location, kind of farm, lease
or purchase. Crop farmers need highly productive fertile land for the crops to
While livestock farmers need a secure land with perimeter
fence, pens and cages. A farmer could consider renting if the farm already has
the required facility. Buying a farm land involves long term investment in the
Make sure the region is familiar to avoid unwanted
surprises. If there are successful crop farms in your area of selection then
you are in good company. This is because the soil type and climates supports
that particular crop.
If you are into poultry farming choose an area with
successful poultry farms. Such areas have good support system, offers
It is important to develop the perquisite experience and
hire knowledgeable professionals. To gain experience start as a farm hand and
slowly learn the business.
Other ways are through tutorials, seminars or trade
institutions. To succeed the farmer should have the necessary skills to manage
his own farm.
•         Develop
the perquisite experience
•         Hire
knowledgeable professionals
•         Start as a
farm hand
•         Use
•         Attend
seminars or trade institutions
As opposed to owning a farm outright you can start by
renting a farm. This way you will gain enough experience without tying down
huge funds. The experience will also determine your level of interest and
commitment to the business.
If you wish to buy focus more on history of the land than
brokers looking to close a deal. Leverage on farming communities, groups,
organizations and agricultural agents for advice.

How to Become a Renowned Food Company Distributor

An entrepreneur can leverage on a renowned food company
as a distributor and make good living. The food company could be a Public
Limited Company, Limited Liability Company or Conglomerate.
It is important to choose a leading player in the FMCG
sector in your country. Many leading companies sometimes publicize opening for
distributors as part of their growth strategy
Distributor Profile
The individual distributor should be a self-driven
entrepreneur with strong passion for growth. The person needs to be target
oriented with ability to cover designated territories in a specified
geographical location.
They should be willing to invest in sound organizational
structure to accommodate growing requirements for distributors in fast moving
consumer goods environment.
They must have integrity, commitment and meet conditions
prescribed in the company’s distribution agreement.
•         Self-driven
•         Strong
passion for growth
•         Target
•         Ability to
cover designated territories
•         Willing to
invest in sound organizational structure
•         Accommodate
growing requirements for distributors
•         Must have
integrity, commitment and meet conditions
beverage distributor
and Net worth
The distribution company must meet the minimum capital
prescribed by the company. This could be high depending on the geographical
reach or potential of the territory.
The distributor must provide evidence of financial net
worth including a bank guarantee that supports the ability to trade with the
food company.
They must have the ability to provide infrastructure and
personnel to ensure effective coverage of assigned territory.
•         Must meet
the minimum capital prescribed by the company
•         Provide
evidence of financial net worth
•         Bank
guarantee that supports the ability to trade with the company.
•         Ability to
provide infrastructure and personnel
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and Infrastructure
The personnel and infrastructure are sales personnel,
back office staff and distribution manager. Infrastructure are generator,
computer system and warehouse. Others are vehicles, office space and sales
•         Back
office staff
•         Distribution
•         Sales
•         Generator
•         Computer
•         Warehouse
•         Vehicles
•         Office
•         Sales
The application requirements for distributorship are
track record of distribution business and sales. Others are evidence of
distribution infrastructure such as office vehicle and warehouse.
The distributor needs to tender 6 months bank statement,
bank reference letter2. More include application letter on letterhead of
registered business. Finally a add copy of certificate of incorporation and
registration of business name.
•         Track
record of distribution business and sales
•         Evidence
of distribution infrastructure(Vehicles, Warehouse)
•         Tender 6
months bank statement
•         Bank
reference letter 2
•         Application
letter on letterhead of registered business
•         Copy of
certificate of incorporation and registration of business name
to Apply
Interested candidates send application via courier to the
company address specified or an email address given by the company.

How to Apply for Unsecured Business Loan

There are three types of loans secured, partial secured
and unsecured. Secured loans require collateral, partial some security while
unsecured without security.
Unsecured business loans need no collateral such as lines
of credit or credit cards. Regular bank loans require extensive documentation
while unsecured loans are more flexible.
They are much easier to get because they don’t require
company or personal assets. The downside is that interest rates are higher than
other forms of credit.
The borrow needs to determine the type of loan they want.
The loan could be partial, secured or unsecured. Other considerations are
collateral, down payment and assets.
How to hire the right team member
Mortgage Loan
A conventional mortgage loan attracts higher down payment
expected upfront. The loans equity builds rapidly because of higher down
payment. Some lenders request down payment of 20 to 25%.
However private mortgage insurance is not mandatory in
all cases. In the case of a company or individual not meeting the down payment
then mortgage insurance is needed.
The lender will authenticate that the down payment is
owned by the borrower. The source of the down payment must be money saved by
the borrower.
Lenders are willing to negotiate terms and conditions of
the loan. However there are standard guidelines to every loan. Some banks
require a non-refundable fee and may include stiff penalties if not repaid on
The creditworthiness of the borrower is determined by the
lender. The qualification, debt to income ratio and amount of money to meet
obligation are also considered by the lender.
They also consider the amount of money needed to service
the debt, monthly gross income earned by borrower. The downside is bankruptcy
or in extreme cases home foreclosure.
of Conventional Mortgage
Low credit score borrowers face loan term fees and higher
interest rates. The interest rate increases if closing cost of loan is
Conventional loans sometimes come with adjustable rate
loans. This invariable cause’s fluctuation in monthly payments.
•         Loan term
•         Higher
interest rates
•         Adjustable
rate loans
•         Fluctuation
in monthly payments
Business Loans
Unsecured business loans does not require collateral.
However the borrow must meet certain conditions such as income and credit rating.
How to Obtain Unsecured Business Loan
To obtain an unsecured loan the applicant needs to meet
the banks representatives. They will determine your eligibility,
creditworthiness. The main advantage of unsecured loans is the lack of
To apply put together bank account information and
complete an application form. Provide contact information, social security
number and bank information.
•         Meet the
banks representatives
•         Put
together bank account information
•         Complete
an application form
•         Provide
contact information
•         Social
security number
•         Bank
of Unsecured Business Loans
The main disadvantage is the high interest rate. This is
because of the higher risk factor for lenders. Businesses tend to pay more over
a period than secured loans.
The high interest also causes higher individual loan
payments. It is harder to qualify for an unsecured loan than a secured one.
Like regular loans any default will affect your business
credit rating. Although the loan is unsecured a lender might go to court for

Things to Know Before Starting a Logistic Company.

There are a few things to know before starting a logistics
company. The core business is storage and delivery of products. The company may
specialize in ground transportation, import/export.
It is important to put in place a good freight transportation
system. The transportation could include road, air, train or bike. This is to
conduct and articulate air freight, shipping or other means of delivery.
Logistic business requires proper planning, patience and
persistence. This specialized field include huge inventory shipment, security, planning
and time management.
They coordinate warehousing, shipping and delivery of customer’s
merchandise. Here are important steps to starting a logistic company.
logistic company
The service you wish to render will determine the type of
investment in the business. A 3PL service requires more funds than a basic freight
management or brokerage firm.
It is important to prepare an investment plan and
identify the services you wish to offer. Ways to attract funds are through
partnership or bank loans. The type of licensing and permit depends on the
countries laws that guide the business.
How to hire the right team member
The type of licensing to run a logistic service vary by
country or state. General licensing includes filling a tax form, business
You need a business name, operational location and tax
identification number. Register the business as a limited liability company. It
is important to get a good insurance cover for the business.
the Competition
The logistic business is very competitive and there are
many players. You need to study the competition and develops an effective
business structure.
a Business Plan
It is beneficial to develop a business plan. The plan is
ideal for proper analysis of present and future goals of the company. The plan
could be used to secure loans and open a line of credit to pay partners.
an Office
It is important to have a brick and mortar office. The office
will coordinate the movement of packages. Other benefits include customer
confidence, an address, warehousing for short time storage.

Facts on Duck Farming

Ducks are a delicacy in many countries while others
consume them in moderate quantity. The bird’s meat is not as popular as turkey,
chicken or beef. In a country like Nigeria turkey meat is popular while
unpopular in Ghana.
In Nigeria there is no empirical data on number of ducks
farmed annually, marketing or consumption. This offers a challenge for
entrepreneurs looking to invest in the industry. However the focus on organic,
chemical free meat has increased the demand.
Modern living focuses on health consciousness and food
safety. For centuries wild-ducks are game birds in aristocratic settings. But
are now domesticated and farmed.
Although the interest in duck consumption has raising top
poultry meat are chicken and turkey. Poultry meat now extends to quail, duck,
ostrich and guinea fowl. Other types of poultry are waterfowl, geese and
Farm Duck
The meat is a delicacy and a good source of protein. The
birds are hardy and not easily susceptible to diseases. It requires small
investment, low feeding cost to run a farm. Infrastructure is basic, easy to
establish and low cost.
•         Good
source of protein
•         The birds
are hardy
•         Diseases
•         Requires
small investment
•         Low
feeding cost
•         Basic
•         Easy to
of Ducks
There are many species of ducks both wild and
domesticated. Popular ones are Blue Swedish, Aylesbury. Others include Buff,
Muscovy, and White Pekins.
•         Blue
•         Aylesbury
•         Buff
•         Muscovy
•         White
A farmer can introduce ducks to their free-range poultry
farm. This is because they are good companions and natural pest control. They
add manure to soil, good source of meat and feathers. The birds also attract
premium price in the market.
•         Good
•         Natural
pest control
•         Add manure
to soil
•         Good
source of meat and feathers
•         Attract
premium price in the market
to Start Duck Farming
In developing countries duck farming is almost
nonexistence. This is because the meat was regarded as poor man’s food. Poultry
farms focus primarily on chicken and turkey production.
To start duck farming you need land space and source of
water supply. You can create an artificial pond and demarcate the land with
The amount of startup capital is small as opposed to
chicken farming. Start with a foundation stock of 1 male and 3 females.
Ducks are regarded as waterfowls and the best habitat are
regions with high rainfall. They grow well in the tropics, cool and riverine
or Cage
Most farms operate the free range system. This system
allows the birds to wander about the farmland. They grow well alongside
domesticated chickens.
In many parts of Africa the birds are raised in
traditional subsistence rearing system. Free-range birds are varsities,
prolific and are capable of raising themselves with very little assistance.
Some farmers raise them in chicken cages or pens. However
they need to provide adequate water for the bird.
•         Free-range
•         Traditional
subsistence rearing system
•         Pen/cage
The birds can digest a variety of protein rich food,
fiber and non-conventional feed-stuff. They are prolific scavengers, eat
insects, worms, grains and seeds. The type of food they eat is low cost and
easy to source in the local market.
•         Protein
rich food
•         Fiber
•         Non-conventional
•         Prolific
•         They eat insects
•         Worms
•         Grains
•         Seeds
•         Grass
The waterfowls lay about ninety to hundred eggs per year
depending on species. They start laying at eighteen weeks. The reproductive
cycle is in three phases, laying (fifteen days). They incubate for twenty eight
to thirty days and brooding phase is sixty to sixty three days.
Sell your produce to supermarkets, grocery stores,
restaurants. Others are hotels, food outlets, frozen and live food vendors.

How to Hire the Right Team Member

Hiring the right team member will improve profitability
and growth of a company. Growth is linked to effective productivity and proper
time management.
There are critical elements to look out for without
compromising cooperate policy and growth. Concise decisions are central to
properly analyzing the team member to get the best person for the position.
Hiring Manger and Management Team
The company looking to hire needs impute of top
managerial staff and a hiring manger in the employment process. A general rule
is to hire highly qualified personnel that fit into the required job.
The hiring manager should have certain traits to spot
talent and follow the company’s guidelines. The hiring manager should exhibit
confidence, good risk assessment and fast decision making.
The company should have a well-structured recruitment
process and the team can be involved in the interview.
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team member

of a Hire Manage

•         Ability to
spot talent
•         Follow
•         Conduct
background checks
•         Exhibit
•         Good risk
assessment skills
•         Fast
decision maker
•         Follow
well-structured recruitment process
Every company needs a structured recruitment process in
place. The process should be flexible enough to accommodate current trends.
A typical structure includes interview process,
post-interview and other criteria. There should be team flexibility and
accelerated process to complete an interview loop in record time.
Quick Decisions
It is important for companies to make quick decisions
based on candidates they see. Speed is of the essence to avoid losing a
potential team player to the competition. Most candidates attend different
interviews within a certain time period.
For effective management of speed the company needs a
centralized process. This will enable faster decision making and putting offer
letter in qualified candidates hand in a matter of a week.
The company can prepare an offer letter and rescind
pending background checks. This condition should be stated clearly for the
candidate to know the situation.
Quick decisions and speed are essential if the company
wants to hire qualified candidates.
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the Offer
The goal of recruitment is to achieve customer success.
The team member should be hired on their ability to achieve customer success.
This involves serving the customer better for growth of the company.
The hire manger should be empower to hire a person on the
spot. However the proper procedure follow the C-suite process that takes
longer. It is important to finish the interview loop and present an offer
letter within one week. This is pending background checks on the candidate.
Companies that go to long before hiring new staff are
missing out on new trends. Hiring is very important if you want to discover new
talent. It is imperative to never stop searching for team players with talent
to inject new strategies into the company.
Despite checks and balances a company might make a bad
hire. This is inevitable however instituting processes to resolve the situation
quickly is the way to go.
A bad hire might be unprofessional, arrogant and
interested only in money. To resolve the situation the company should make
quick decisions concerning the individual.

How Does Fixed Deposits Work

Fixed deposits are considered one of the safest
investment portfolios offered by banks. They pay higher than money market or
savings account without the attendant risks. To invest in such a secure
portfolio the company or individual will have to deposit the money for an
agreed duration.
The banks are able to pay high premium because they have
time specific access to the funds and are able to use them unhindered. It is
possible to get the funds un-locked early however this will attract sever
penalties and charges.
How Does Fixed Deposits Work
Fixed deposit are
time based deposits that attract higher interest than regular saving deposits.
In return for higher interests the depositor locks the funds in the bank for a
specified period agreed by both parties. The party promises to keep the funds
in the bank for a specified period. Fixed deposit tenors usually run from six
months, eighteen months, one year, two years or five years. The longer the
duration the higher the interest rate it attracts.
•         Time based
•         Attract
higher interest
•         Funds are
fixed deposit

Why Consider Fixed Deposit

The main reason to consider fixed deposits is higher
rates. The bank agrees to pay higher rates due to the company or individuals
promise to keep the funds for a specified period.
As stated earlier the interest is higher than regular
saving deposit accounts. Another advantage is higher annual percentage yield on
the funds deposited. Banks can offer this higher rates because they use the
funds long term in other investments or long term loans.
•         Higher
interest rates
•         Higher
annual percentage yield
how state spend on investment promotion
Term Option
Fixed deposits attract term options on how long the funds
are kept. The depositor cannot withdraw the funds on short notice and is
encourage to run the full term.
The time period the funds are kept is referred to as
term. Common term are six months, twelve months, eighteen months and sixty
Long Term
The longer the term the better prospects for interest.
Longer terms generally attract higher interest than shorter term. Although
longer term are not entirely better the terms and conditions should be properly
Maturity Date
All fixed deposits have a maturity date when the
investment is credited to the investor. At the end of the fixed deposit term
the deposit is said to mature. The bank notifies the depositor as the fixed
deposit term is about to expire.
The bank provides several options for the depositor. The
depositor could consider the options or opt out of the fixed deposit. If the
investor decides to do nothing the bank will automatically re-invest the said
amount in another term similar to initial term.
If the fixed deposit was for one year the bank will
re-activate another one year term on the deposit. The problem with this is the
amount of interest may vary from previous agreement.
The interest could mark-up or down based on the banks
portfolio. There is no guarantee that the same rate offered by the bank stands.
It is important to let your bank know your intentions before the term ends.
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Things to Consider at End of Fixed Deposit
The fixed deposit owner has a few options at end of term.
The company or individual could re-invest in another fixed deposit or withdraw
the money into a savings account. They can consider a shorter or longer term or
•         Re-invest
•         Withdraw
•         Consider shorter
How to use Fixed Deposit
To use a fixed deposit the person needs to first contact
the bank. There are two options online banks or brick and mortar banks.
You need to call their customer service or visit the bank
branch. Make sure you conduct due diligence and investigate the bank before
depositing your money.
Things to Ask
Ask the bank about different types of fixed deposit. Find
out about early withdrawals, penalties and alternative fixed deposit products.
Find the one that fits your needs with more features and flexibility.
•         Different
types of fixed deposits
•         Penalty on
early withdrawal
•         Alternative
fixed deposits
•         flexibility
Strategies of using Fixed Deposits
Long term fixed deposits seem more attractive because of
high interest rate. However they attract huge penalties if the deposit does not
run the full term. Make sure you determine the right fixed deposit before
Long term fixed deposit locks your funds for extended
periods without access to the depositor. If you are ready to lock your funds
for such extended period then long term is your best bet.
Sometimes an individual could buy a fixed deposit when
the interest are low and is stock with low paying fixed deposit. A good
strategy is to use short term deposits and re-invest when interest rates
increase. It is important to use fixed deposits that offer flexibility.
Another technique is the ladder system to increase and
optimize fixed deposit. An investor could take different fixed deposits with
different terms to guarantee regular money at internals.

How State Spend on Investment Promotion

The governor of a state should disclose plans by his administration to invest a specified amount in investment promotion. This is done as a way to encourage foreign investors to the state or county.
The head of government such as a governor could present a budget proposal to the house of assembly for consideration. The main aim of the investment proposal is to enhance efforts to boost the economy of the state.
This should be in line with the sates effort at expanding the economic base, based on the proposed amount they intend spending on investment promotion. The hope is to drive positive investment initiatives to the state.
The state should provide guarantee from investment in the private sector willing to do business in the state. The state should match funding for projects and provide a conducive environment for investors.
The state can focus on big ticket projects such as modular refinery, parks and economic enhancement projects. This will guarantee foreign companies investing in the state.
How to open a fixed deposit account
State Investment Promotion Initiatives


• State should disclose plans by his administration to invest a specified amount in investment promotion
• A way to encourage foreign investors to the state or county.
• Present a budget proposal to the house of assembly for consideration
• Investment proposal is to boost the economy of the state.
• States effort at expanding the economic base
• Drive positive investment initiatives to the state.
• The state should provide guarantee from investment in the private sector
• The state should match funding for projects
• Provide a conducive environment for investors
• The state can focus on big ticket projects
• Guarantee foreign companies investing in the state

Why Start a Biotech Business in Singapore

The primary reason to start a biotech company in Singapore is money. The industry is very challenging and highly lucrative. It requires huge investment, highly qualified professions and availability of quality equipment.

Market Conditions

The market conditions is very favorable for startup companies in this industry. They include high global market, need for epigenetic research and sequencing. There is fast growth in diagnostic and new treatment methods.
Market Conditions for Biotech Startup
• Favorable for startup companies
• High global market
• Requires epigenetic research and sequencing
• Fast growth in diagnostic
• Discovery of new treatment methods
Huge Number of Biotech Companies in Singapore
There are over 50 biotech companies in Singapore because the industry is highly lucrative. Top companies are Biosensor,FivePrime, Lonza, Adamas, Kadmus and Renovis. Others include Vanda, Kalypsys, Addex, Codexis and U3pharma.
Some Biotech Companies in Singapore
• Biosensor
• FivePrime
• Lonza
• Adamas
• Kadmus
• Renovis
• Vanda
• Kalypsys
• Addex
• Codexis
• U3pharma
Why Start a Biotech Business
Biotech companies have a record number of IPOs globally. The stocks are highly priced and outperform other industries. Major pharmaceutical companies are ready to invest in independent startups and new technology.
Reasons to Invest in Bio Technology
• Record number of IPOs globally
• Highly priced stocks
• Stocks outperform other industries
• Major pharmaceutical companies invest in independent startups
• Development of new technology
The challenges attributed to the industry are inadequate funding, attracting top scientists and equipment. The business is highly competitive and challenging. 
Success comes with investment policies, innovation and intellectual property rights. It is important to network with industrial professionals, people with appetite for risk and experienced scientists.
• Inadequate funding
• Requires experienced scientists
• Appetite for risk
• Real hazards
• Requires serious financial 
• Intellectual property rights
There are many ways to secure funds for the company. The investor can leverage on financial planners, investment bankers or venture capitalists. 
Other ways are through angel investors, sale of startup shares, partnership. 
The company needs huge funding and might consider market capitalization. More funding sources are corporate investors, private angel capitalists
• Investment bankers
• Venture capitalists
• Angel investors
• Sale of startup shares
• Partnership
• Market capitalization
• Private angel capitalists

How to Become an Actor: Step by Step Guide to Starting an Acting Career

Actors portray characters to educate and entertain
audience. The job requires natural talent, good interpersonal skills, ability
to memorize and interpret roles.

It requires practice, passion, stamina and loads of
confidence in your ability. Today more than ever acting is very lucrative and
there are many platforms to express your talent.
The job is very challenging and competitive because of
huge number of people seeking fame. You could earn regular income as an actor
however only a selected few become stars.
To learn the craft you need appropriate training,
certification and determination. Here is a step to step guide on how to become
an actor.
become an actor
by Step Guide on How to Become an Actor
Types of Performing Art
The performing art is very broad and has different
aspects. Common types are choreography, singing, dancing and acting. More are
stage recitals, voice over and singing.
Techniques and Methodology
An actor should develop his craft to succeed. There are
different acting techniques such as Stanislavski system, lee Strasberg’s method
and Stella Adlers technique.
Other notable techniques are Meisner, Practical
Aesthetics, Uta Hagem method, Viola Spolin approach and Michael Chekhov method. 
to Act
An actor portrays characters in television productions,
movies and plays. They also lend their voice to commercials and children
Actors are seen on stage plays, documentaries, home videos,
movies and television productions. They work in music videos, YouTube videos,
voiceover and different entertainment medium. You find actors on podcasts,
local plays and commercials.
  • children
  • stage plays
  • documentaries
  •  home videos
  • Movies
  • television
  • music videos
  • YouTube videos
  • Voiceover
  • Podcasts
  • commercials.
Career Basics
The career basics include memorizing scripts, auditions
and characterization. You work both live and on prerecorded acts such as
You need to pass an audition to become one of the casts.
Most time the actor works as extras, supporting roles before headlining or
becoming a leading character.
There are certain skills you need to perform credibly.
You should be creative, have the ability to memorize scripts with excellent
communication skill. You need passion, determination, persistence and physical
  • Creative
  • ability to
    memorize scripts
  • excellent
    communication skill
  • passion
  • determination
  • persistence
  • Physical stamina.
of the Profession
Tools of the profession are stage lighting, digital
cameras and microphones. Others are motion picture software, costumes and
  • stage lighting
  • digital cameras
  • microphones
  • motion picture
  • costumes
  • Scripts.
Actor’s salaries and remunerations depend on many
factors. They need to sign contractual agreements based on the amount agreed by
both parties.
Some include the geographical location, type of
production and expertise of the practitioner. Hollywood stars earn six figure
incomes based on popularity, job description and brand.
They are able to attract such huge earns because they add
lots of economic value to the production. A new actor in America could earn $20
per hour based on the producers.
to Become an Actor
So your dream is to become a successful actor, enjoy your
craft and earn good pay. The step to become one differs with each individual.
School Theater
A good place to start developing your skill is high
school. Early training accounts for many actors and musicians success.
High School Theater is full of drama, plays, recitals and
stage plays. Such classes introduce student to the performing arts and is
guided by a trained thespian.
The student learns different acting technique, speech and
dramatization. They also learn script writing, editing, stage lighting and
The students build confidence and have a foreknowledge of
what acting entails. There are also acting groups and associations. Many actors
have leveraged on the early couching to launch acting careers.
a Play House
Popular television, stage and movie stars launched their
careers by joining a play house. A play house focuses on stage drama
They have directors, producers, script writers and
actors. Find one in your locality and apply to join.
You could start with stage decorations, equipment
handling, lights and small roles. Try auditioning for acting roles in such
Many actors go through university and obtain degrees. You
could study for a bachelors and masters degree.
Enroll in an acting school to obtain a theater degree.
The schools provide professional tutors in different aspects of performing art.
Training Institutions
There are different training institutions that offer
acting. They are Commercial acting schools, performing art school, community
college and university education.
Degree in Theater and Acting
You could get an associate degree in acting and theater.
The courses include basic costuming, history of cinema, acting fundamentals and
Degree in Acting and Theater
Many universities offer degree program in theater arts.
The programs usually run for 4 years with an award of bachelor’s degree in
theater arts.
Course offered by such institutions are dramatic
techniques, audition workshops, performing projects and Shakespearean/cultural
You might decide to further the education by acquiring a
master’s degree in acting and theater. Courses to expect are practicable
business of stage, dramatic interpretations, script interpretation and
traditional history.
If you are so inclined further the education and obtain a
  • Play House
  • High school
  • Private Couching
  • Universities
  • Performing Art
  • Acting Schools
Career Choices
Bagging a degree in theater and performing art opens many
career choices. Apart from a career as an actor you could offer different
Top choices include becoming an acting coach or opening
an acting studio. Others are producing, directing, acting, and set
Related career choices are film/video editing, camera
operations, and animation. More are announcer, multimedia artist or explore you
music and singing.
Career Choices
  • acting coach
  • opening an
    acting studio
  • producing
  • directing
  • acting
  • set designing
  • film and video
  • camera
  • animation
  • announcer
  • multimedia
  • Singing.
Build a Resume
good resume should accommodate all your productions. Make sure it covers stage
productions, commercials, short dramas, and stage work.
Hire an Agent
actor needs an agent to find credible work. An agent offers huge network of
possible clients, productions and auditions. It is not compulsory to have an
agent however working with one could provide lots of opportunities.