How to Start a Smallholder Farm

Over 70% of farms in Africa are smallholder farms. They collectively contribute huge amount of agricultural produce. Despite a host of challenges with proper farming techniques and management they can succeed. Production is only a piece of the puzzle because they need proper marketing. It is important to judiciously manage natural resources. Conserving the soils […]

How to Become a Successful Farmer

Having a fair knowledge of the product is the first step to becoming a successful farmer. A crop farmer has a huge variety of choices. They can grow rice, beans, corn, wheat, cotton, tomatoes and citrus fruits. Crop farmers should understand weather conditions, soil pH, water level and type of soil. Other knowledge include specie […]

Facts on Duck Farming

Ducks are a delicacy in many countries while others consume them in moderate quantity. The bird’s meat is not as popular as turkey, chicken or beef. In a country like Nigeria turkey meat is popular while unpopular in Ghana. In Nigeria there is no empirical data on number of ducks farmed annually, marketing or consumption. […]

Lawn Care Business: How to Start a Lawn Care Business

This guide provides essential information on lawn care business. It coves startup costs. Legal, marketing, equipment. Other things are business overview, earning potential, growth. It does not require any formal education and perfect for young people. You can be self-taught, learn from practical experience or books. How to Start a Law Care Business •         Write […]

Lawn Spraying: How to Start Lawn Spraying Service

The demand and competition is high in the lawn spraying business. Customer base are commercial institutions, government or private residents. One-time expenses include purchase of equipment, legal fees, permits, licensing. Recurrent costs are transportation, advertisement, labor, utilities and rent. To succeed the entrepreneur should offer quality service and an affordable price. Startup Costs for Lawn […]

How to Start Watermelon Farming in Nigeria

Watermelons are sweet juicy fruits with lots of health benefits. The nourishing fruit is grown extensively in West African countries. They are also cultivated in Asian countries, Egypt and India. The popular fruits earliest record goes back 4000 years in ancient Egypt. Easy to grow it requires good soil, water, adequate sunlight. To start a […]

Starting a Fruit Selling Business in Nigeria

Although each fruit type is seasonal and perishable they provide an ideal investment opportunity. Fruits are loaded with essential nutrient, energy, natural supplements for our body. They taste nice are delicious, easy to digest. They aid bowel movement, provide fibers and are low in calories. Fruits have many economical values in the food, beverage and […]

How to Start a Small Fruit Juice Business in India

Mumbai is an urban city that runs 24 hours and ideal for fruit juice bars. The business is very lucrative, easy to establish. Fruit juice is delicious, refreshing and nutritious. There are many health benefits to drinking juice There are some things to consider before starting a fruit juice business. Find out the popularity of […]

How to Start a Bell Apple Business in Nigeria

Selling locally produced bell apples is a very lucrative niche market. Growing them in Nigeria is even rare because not many people know they grow easily in certain geographical locations.   A single tree can produce huge number of fruits and once established require low maintenance. The fruit attracts good price in the market because it […]

Top 20 Lucrative Business Ideas in Nigeria

There are many small businesses that you can start with little capital. They are easy and require no permits or licensing. Before starting any business you need to learn the trade, secure funding and supplies. Other considerations are staffing, location, utilities and marketing. Profitable Businesses to Start with Little Cash 1. Egg Supply Business You […]