10 Ways a Delegate Use Live-Tweet at Events

Live tweets increases your chance for new contacts and a good back-channel resource for delegates. It enlarges your online networking, offers viral following and interactive walls including reconnecting new and old acquaintances. Prior event engagement Although twitter has been around a while not many people understand the power of a tweet. Tweeting offers event organizers […]

How to Become an Actor: Step by Step Guide to Starting an Acting Career

Actors portray characters to educate and entertain audience. The job requires natural talent, good interpersonal skills, ability to memorize and interpret roles. It requires practice, passion, stamina and loads of confidence in your ability. Today more than ever acting is very lucrative and there are many platforms to express your talent. The job is very […]

Start a Night Club Business

Although the night club business is very lucrative it is also high risk. The night life attracts different elements, people and lifestyle. You accommodate unsavory characters and the police authority. The business has a very short lifespan and most clubs go out of business within five years. This is because of new trends and the […]

How to Become an Aerobic Instructor

There are different ways to become an aerobics instructor. You need certification, work experience, training. Other requirements include fitness training, technical workshops, and seminars. An instructor could teach private, public schools or individual clients. The person could open a fitness studio, work part time or full time. Opening a fitness studio comes with its own […]

How to Open a Cinema Hall

The Nigerian movie industry is a huge revenue earner. The average citizen loves both foreign and local productions. They spend millions of naira each year consuming thousand of films and home videos. An investor can leverage on the popularity to establish a cinema. The business is profitable and moderately competitive. How to Start a Cinema […]

Guide to Starting a Radio Station

Starting a radio station is moderately challenging and lucrative. You need good transmission equipment, qualified staff and operational license. You need to determine the type of broadcasting, frequency and content. Other challenges include finding an ideal location, government restrictions and funding. Depending on the type of broadcast you need a minimum of N 20 million […]

Career Choices in Nigerian Movie Industry: How to Join Nollywood and become an Actor

The entertainment industry in Nigeria has become very rich and vibrant. This is because of the growth in popular music and movies. Nollywood the home video industry is one of the biggest in the world.  Gone are the days when acting was regarded as a dead-end profession. Top actors earn huge salaries and bag mouth […]

How to Make and Sell Ringtones

Ringtones are generally snippets of music or voice recordings. The user is informed through a telephony signal of incoming call as a ringtone. They are ideal for customization and personalization of phones. The snippet can emanate from an existing song or specially created for phone users. The sound individualizes the phones to the preference and […]

How Musicians, Industry Professionals Leverage on Music Xray Fan Acquisition Platform

Music Xray provides commercial opportunities from musicians, industry professionals and fans. They aid the decision making process through fan engagement regarding songs. The help industrial players make appropriate choices based on fan output. The website has specialized tools to optimize, organize and streamline results on music delivery. They create a level field based on talent, […]

How to Start an internet Radio Station

The three basic stages to internet broadcasting are source, service provider and listener. The source involves setting up your radio station, computer, mixer, microphone and sound card. The source sends data steams to a server. The steam is then deciphered and dispensed to appropriate channels and the steaming link facilitates connection for listeners. Things to […]