When to Open Multiple Bank Accounts

Your financial personality and saving habit will determine your financial position. Opening multiple accounts for various savings target is an effective way to avoid debt and create wealth. There are different types of accounts to consider. We have savings account, fixed deposit, join account and current account. Financial experts recommend opening multiple accounts for target […]

How to Jump-start a Dying Business

Most startup business ventures fail in the first three to four years? Success or failure depends on many factors and signs that shows a failing business. Identifiable signs are stagnation, poor cash flow and mounting debts. Cutting down expenses is only a temporary measure however more concrete sets should be taken. To turn around a […]

14 Best Business Ideas of 2018

The business landscape is fast evolving because of lifestyle changes and technology. They provide good earning potential for investors. It takes passion, dedication and hard work to succeed. The businesses are practicable from home or an office environment. They require moderate to low startup funding and practical knowledge of the industry. 1.Senior Care Provider Everyone […]

How to Write a Tea Room Business Plan

Joy Teahouse Executive Summary Joy Teahouse is a limited liability company established in the Utah area. The main owners is John and Joy Baily who has a BSc in Catering and Hotel management. She has eight years’ experience in the restaurant and hotel management. Her desire to provide high quality tea has transitioned to incorporating, […]

How to Write a Tattoo Shop Business Plan

Investors interested in opening a tattoo shop will make good money. The business has gained popularity with celebrities and young adults. To run a studio you need experience tattooists, business knowledge, funding. Other considerations is writing a business plan, good location, quality equipment, legal fees. The job involves injecting ink under the skin to create […]

How to Write a Singles bar Business Plan

Executive Summary Ken Singles is a local bar and soft music hangout. It provides a leisurely relaxed place for singles and couples. Tucked in the sleepy town of Sheffield the location has a high population of people within the age of 23 to 40. The bar features innovative programs that stimulate conversation between members. The […]

How to Write a Beauty Supply Business Plan

An entrepreneur interested in the beauty supply industry need a business plan. The plan would focus on key areas of the business from products, site location, funding, labor and marketing. The beauty industry is highly competitive, very lucrative with heavily funded conglomerates. It also accommodates small and medium enterprises. To gain a hold on beauty […]

How to Write a Perfume Line Business Plan

Interested investors looking to start a perfume line business need a business plan. The plan should cover every aspect of the business. This includes funding, location, labor, products and services. A plan is ideal for loan acquisition and marketing purposes. Perfumes are in high demand and compositions are getting more technologically driven. Anyone can start […]

How to Write a Catering Lunch Box Business Plan

Ester Catering will have an array of rich healthy lunch for both kids and adults. The menu would be specifically designs with have good nutritional quality and competitive prices. It will be modified regularly according to fast changing trends and customer preferences. Product Description Regulatory bodies demand good hygiene and quality of food related products. […]

How to write a Fast Food Business Plan

Executive Summary Frankie’s J is a fast food outlet with a franchise format. Founded by four men the company priority is to create quality food. Marketing Analysis Summary The objective is to become a destination spot and gain a share of the market.  Our main goal is to run a successful fast food outlet. The […]