How to Create Streams of Income from Feed Mill

The agriculture sector is a driving force in most countries. It supports the local economy and adds to a country‚Äôs GDP. It is a good employer of skilled and unskilled labor contributing 1/3 the labor force. In rural areas it is the main source of livelihood and of great importance to the local community. Third […]

Biotechnology: How to Start Biotechnology Business in Singapore

Biotechnology uses living organisms in a biological system for product applications. The systems encompass different science disciplines such as gene technology, genomics and immunology. The science is related to other fields such as bio-manufacturing, bioengineering, molecular engineer and molecular biology. The technology is applicable to the development of pharmaceutical drugs and food production. They use […]

Start your Own Shoe Company

Shoes are essential for comfort, safety and as a fashion accessory. They come in different sizes, shapes and functionality. The application of the footwear depends on the design and material used in the manufacture. Billions of footwear is sold worldwide yearly making the industry highly lucrative. To enter the industry you choose between manufacturing, wholesale […]

Starting a Battery Manufacturing Business

The battery manufacturing industry produces re-chargeable and non-rechargeable batteries. The product has many applications such as powering automobile, phones and household electronics. It works through an electro-chemical process to produce electrical energy. Lead acid batteries are popular in industrial applications while others are used in automobiles and electronic gadgets. To start a battery manufacturing business […]

Incense Stick: How to Write Agarbatti Business Plan

Agarbatti is a wooden stick covered with a substance that is burned to produce a pleasant smelling fragrance. It is commonly used in religious ceremonies, worship around the world. The name origin is Hindu and sometimes called a joss sick. The stick is made from bamboo slat and fragrance a mix of different materials. The […]

Incense Sticks: How to Start Agarbatti Making Business

Agarbatti is an incense stick used in traditional religious ceremonies. It is a prominent part of religious worship in many countries. The demand is high and production process relatively easy. The manufacturing process is automated, semi-automated or manual depending on the preferred process. There are different types of incense sticks based on ceremony or manufacturing […]

How to Start Mouthwash Manufacturing

The function of a mouthwash is to reduce microbial load in the mouth. It is not a substitute for toothpaste but a useful antiseptic solution. After application of a fluoride toothpaste the person can rinse with water or use a mouthwash. The scope of the business depends on the template. The entrepreneur can start a […]

How to Start Granite Tiles Production Company

The real estate sector is a gold mine for building material investors. Fitting account for 60% of capital invested in an architectural project. Granite is one of such materials that is highly sort in the building industry. To start the business you need adequate funding, qualified staff, and operational license. Others are trade knowledge including […]

How to Start a Thermos Flask Manufacturing Business

The function of a vacuum flask is to insulate its content. It maintains the temperature higher or lower than the surrounding temperature. This keeps the content hot or cold for extended duration. It works by eliminating air from the chamber between the two flasks. The vacuum flask consists of two flasks placed within the other […]

How to Start a Hot Water Bottle Manufacturing Business

The hot bottle is basically a rubber container that is filled with hot water. It is built to retain heat, provide warmth during cold season or aid a sick patient. Most are made from traditional rubber or PVC. You also have latex or phthalate free products for children with allergies. The bottles are moderately priced […]