How to Become a Human Resources Consultant

Human resources personnel offer advice on a wide range of issues. They are involved in workplace activity, policies, procedures and compliance to the law. They recommend, reorganize, mediate and develop an effective HR model. They work as independents or through a consultancy firm. The individual should have higher education such as a Bachelors, Masters DBA, […]

How to apply for government loan

It is easy to access information through an online database for various loans. The process of applying for a personal government loan is easy and straightforward. You don’t need a third party simply go to the government website. Some provide microloans, help subsidies new businesses or operate small business incubators. Steps 1. To effectively apply […]

How to Create Streams of Income from Feed Mill

The agriculture sector is a driving force in most countries. It supports the local economy and adds to a country’s GDP. It is a good employer of skilled and unskilled labor contributing 1/3 the labor force. In rural areas it is the main source of livelihood and of great importance to the local community. Third […]

When to Open Multiple Bank Accounts

Your financial personality and saving habit will determine your financial position. Opening multiple accounts for various savings target is an effective way to avoid debt and create wealth. There are different types of accounts to consider. We have savings account, fixed deposit, join account and current account. Financial experts recommend opening multiple accounts for target […]

10 Signs you are heading for Bankruptcy

When a court enters an order of relief when a bankruptcy charge is filed. It is very painful to sing for the facility but sometime it is inevitable. The first sign is when your credit card balance is at its limit. Others include zero savings, inability to earn enough to pay down debt. More are […]

Tips on How to Open a Toy Store

Proper inventory management is important in the toy store business. Ordering the right products, stocking and selling popular toys can increase the business profitability. Profitability depends on many factors such as cost of toys, regular patronage and operational costs. Over the years big box toy stores have competed to open retail stores or connect with […]

10 Ways a Delegate Use Live-Tweet at Events

Live tweets increases your chance for new contacts and a good back-channel resource for delegates. It enlarges your online networking, offers viral following and interactive walls including reconnecting new and old acquaintances. Prior event engagement Although twitter has been around a while not many people understand the power of a tweet. Tweeting offers event organizers […]

How to Jump-start a Dying Business

Most startup business ventures fail in the first three to four years? Success or failure depends on many factors and signs that shows a failing business. Identifiable signs are stagnation, poor cash flow and mounting debts. Cutting down expenses is only a temporary measure however more concrete sets should be taken. To turn around a […]

How to Protect your Bank Card from Fraud

Scammers target potential victims when we are distracted. They use various means to get our card details. A common device used by scammers are skimmers, pin sized cameras and online forms. To avoid becoming a victim keep your card details safe and trust your instincts. Ask questions when things look unusual or suspicious. Finally always […]

How to Start a Smallholder Farm

Over 70% of farms in Africa are smallholder farms. They collectively contribute huge amount of agricultural produce. Despite a host of challenges with proper farming techniques and management they can succeed. Production is only a piece of the puzzle because they need proper marketing. It is important to judiciously manage natural resources. Conserving the soils […]